• Pura Vida Sauna & Steam Room Mist

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    • $8.00 / 2oz spray bottle

      Fight colds and flu this season. Pura Vida Sauna & Steam Room Mist has antibacterial and antibiotic properties Due to the essential oils of Eucalyptus, Melaleuca (Tea Tree Oil), Neem, and Camphor. The Eucalyptus scented mist helps open up your breathing, sinuses, and pores when taking a hot shower, steam room, or sauna. The 2 oz. spray bottle also contains witch hazel (hamamelis Virginiana), and RO filtered water. Safe to spray in the air, on the body or on the face, avoid eye contact.
      Consult your doctor before using while pregnant.
      For best results, shower as usual then turn the valve a little hotter and turn the spray head away from you. Spritz the Shower Spray into the air overhead into the steam, close eyes, and breathe in.
      Toss a bottle in your gym bag as well.

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